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Annual Membership Form and WaiverPlease remember to sign the waiver! Members are asked to sign and submit this form annually. Returning members don’t need to fill out all their personal co-ordinates- unless some of the information has changed.

Personal PT Form

On-line Registration Form and Waiver This combined list of a waiver, plus all our PTs, may be used by visitors and nonmembers wishing to walk our PTs.

Annual Waiver Some nonmembers may prefer to simply sign a waiver, so we have included it here in this list.

Waiver for Minors who are accompanied by Guardians We enjoy having young people walk with us, if they are up to walking at our speed and are accompanied by a guardian.

We strongly encourage anyone who wants to walk with us on a regular basis to join our club. You will then receive all the benefits of membership, including regular emails, newsletters, notice of club meetings, invitations to various social events during the year, and information about special occasion walks and trips.

Information Manual Click on any of the following to find out more about our club.

  1. Organization
  2. Rules and Regulations
  3. Operating Policies
  4. Constitution and Bylaws