Achievement Awards

image 146The optional achievement awards program is a unique feature of Volkssporting. This personal achievement program allows you to record the distance and number of events that you participate in. You may purchase Event books and Distance books in which to record your Volkssporting accomplishments.  These are available from all clubs at their regular events at a cost of $5 each.  The cost of these books includes the awards for which you are eligible at the completion of each book. To receive recognition in Volkssport Canada and to receive your awards, completed books, along with your CVF passport, should be sent to Marion Boom, CVF Awards Coordinator, 42 Billingham Crescent, Ottawa ON K2K 2T7. Marion’s email address is 

Every time you send Marion a completed book, you will receive a pin, patch, and certificate to recognize your achievement. The first time you send a completed book, you will receive a Canadian Volkssport Federation “Passport,” in which your achievement will be recorded.  This passport should be included for updating each time you send Marion a book.