About Us

Come walk with us!

If you are among the growing number who believe that regular outdoor activity in congenial company can improve one’s health, fitness and quality of life, then we invite you to walk with the Victoria Pathfinders Walking Club.

We offer a variety of walks throughout greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  Our walks include parks, forests, urban streets and trails, and glorious ocean views. We invite walkers of all ages to join us on a walk. New members are welcome, but membership is not mandatory in order to join one of our walks. We’d love to meet you!  The cost is just $1 per walk for PTs and $2 for event walks, also known as map walks. (We also sell discount cards – 20 walks for $10 – that can be used for any PT.) Annual membership is $10 each. Click here for a membership form and waiver.

Most of our walks are 10 kilometres in length and take between 1 1/2 and 2 hours. Walkers are encouraged to walk at their own pace—this is not a competition! In addition, shorter walks of 5 to 7 kilometres are usually available and we have two bike PTs. Explore this website to learn more about us and all of our PTs and events.           

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