To Members of Victoria Pathfinders

Good news – Monday/Wednesday walks restarting July 13th!

On June 29, 2020, the VPWC Managing Group decided the time has come to restart the Monday/Wednesday morning walks subject, of course, to COVID-19 precautions. (Click here to see our COVID-19 precautions).The first morning walk will start Monday, July 13 at 9:00 a.m. from the running store, 2:18 Run, at 1578 Fairfield Road. After the first walk we will be following the PT walk schedule in the 2020 Walk Calendar

If you are not comfortable walking in a group please continue to walk individually, keeping track of your distance, so that once the COVID-19 emergency is over and life returns to normal, you can get your stamps. Since it may not be possible to walk some of the PTs due to closure of paths and parks you may use your own routes that avoid congested spots. Just keep track of the date and distance walked (minimum of 5 km). If you wish you can use the  Personal PT Registration Sheet to keep track of your walks.

If you are interested in doing a walk on your own you can contact one of the Trailmasters, David, Rick or Sandy, to obtain copies of maps by e-mail. They can be contacted at:

David: david.cattrall@telus.net | 250-598-4316

Rick: rickandchristine@shaw.ca | 250-478-7020

Sandy: cragybeach_125@hotmail.ca | 250-812-0303


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Welcome to the Victoria Pathfinders, a Volkssport walking club that puts the emphasis on fun, fitness and friendship. Volkssport clubs were first established in the Greater Victoria area in 1989 and we have been happily walking ever since. We are one of six clubs in BC that belong to the Volkssport Association of BC.

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