Our Objectives

At the top of Mount Galiano

The objectives of our club are:

  • to contribute to the health and well-being of members primarily from the greater Victoria area through their participation in programs of non-competitive, amateur, friendly, family-oriented volkssport walking events. Other official volkssport activities are bicycling, swimming and cross-country skiing.

  • to attract new club members through organization, promotion and safe operation of volkssport activities in the greater Victoria area and beyond.

  • to collaborate with other volkssport clubs throughout British Columbia and beyond.

  • to communicate with club members and volkssporters in general by various media.

  • to perform the above in accordance with the standards established by:
    Canadian Volkssport Federation/La Federation Canadienne Volkssport (CVF/FCV),
    Volkssport Association of British Columbia (VABC) and Internationaler Volkssport Verband (IVV).

    GCW Information Manual 

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                      1. Organization
                      2  Rules and Regulations
                      3. Operating Policies
                      4. Constitution and Bylaws   

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