COVID-19 Precautions

Registration:  This will take place outside of the Rec Centre or business where the PT walk box is kept. Where it is necessary for someone to enter the building to get the walk box the walk leader will do this.

Social Distancing:  Please keep a distance of 6 feet away from other persons at registration and on the walk. If it is not possible to maintain this distance please use your personal face mask.

Waiver:  Please print, complete and sign a copy of the waiver for each morning walk you attend and bring the signed copy to the walk to deposit into the box at registration. There will be a very small number of blank waivers at registration if you forget or do not have a printer. Please bring your own pen to sign the waiver, if need be. You cannot do the walk without having put a signed waiver in the box.

Hand Sanitizer:  Hand sanitizer will be available at registration but you may also want to bring your own personal sanitizer. You will be asked to use hand sanitizer before using the stamp and ink pad.

Group Size:  If more than 6 walkers show up at registration they will have to organize themselves into separate groups of 6 or fewer walkers to comply with public health guidelines. If there is only one leader the separate groups should remain in sight of the group with a leader.

Stamps:  The long term plan is to have touchless electronic stamps. Until then, where the PT walk box is accessible, the stamp and ink pad will be made available for you to stamp your own books. You may want to bring latex gloves to handle the stamp and ink pad.

Payment: Monday/Wednesday morning walks are all PTs so the cost is $1 per walk. Please bring the exact amount to put into the cash box or envelope; no change will be given.

Things you must bring: Personal face mask, completed and signed waiver and your own pen.

Optional to bring: Latex gloves and hand sanitizer.