COVID-19 Precautions

COVID-19 Precautions

Before the Walk:

  • Notice of the date, time, walk name, and location of any group walk organized by VPWC is given by e-mail to VPWC members.
  • Attachments to that e-mail are:
    • Map(s) for the walk
    • Annual Waiver to be signed once annually by VPWC members and used for multiple Volkssport walks, both event and group PT, and for other club events.
    • VPWC members should print the annual waiver form, if they have a printer and have not already provided a signed annual form at registration, fill it in and sign their name on the Signature line.
    • VPWC members should bring map(s), signed annual waiver form (if they have not done so before), face mask and their own pen to registration on the day of the walk.
    • Non-members should bring a face mask and their own pen to registration to sign a blank Single Event Waiver on the day of the walk.
    • The signed waiver forms should only be used for VPWC’s organized group walks until advised otherwise.


  • Usually between 9:15 and 10:00 a.m. for weekend walks.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the registration table.
  • very few maps and blank Waiver forms will be available at the registration table for persons without computer/printers and for non-members.
  • When lining up to register or just waiting please maintain a minimum of 6 feet separation. IF THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE PLEASE WEAR A MASK. YOU MUST WEAR A MASK WHEN STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REGISTRATION TABLE.
  • If you have to fill out a waiver form please use your own pen.
  • Deposit signed annual or single event waiver form in the box at the registration table.
  • For payment of walk fee, please pay $2 for event walks and $1 for PTs.  Exact change please – no change will be given.
  • GCW or JFP PT cards can still be used for group PT walks.
  • You may leave at any time on the walk after you have deposited the signed waiver form in the box and paid the walk fee.  If you have signed and already submitted the annual waiver you do not have to deposit another signed waiver at registration.
  • If you gather in a group to walk together, please ensure there are no more than 6 walkers in the group.
  • The last small group of walkers will usually have one or more of the following persons as walkers: a member of the Managing Group and/or the Walk Owner. They will leave at 10:00AM.


  • If walking with a group, please maintain at least 6 feet of separation.
  • If this is not possible because there is not enough room, narrow paths, sidewalks etc., please wear a mask.


  • If you collect stamps these will be supplied as inserts on a paper insert form, as a self-adhesive insert or electronically.

Independent Walking:

  • If you want to do a scheduled walk for Volkssport credit, but do not wish to do a group walk on the date it is scheduled, please use the following procedure.
  • Send the Waiver signed and dated before the walk to Joan Sanderson (114 – 165 Kimta Road, Victoria BC V9A 7P1 or by email within a week of the scheduled date, along with a statement that you completed the walk on a day within that week, confirmation of the distance walked and the fee for the walk.
  • If you also provide an address to which Joan can send your stamps for that walk she will send them to that address.